Lunars Chosen / Лунные избранники [ОS Windows: 7/8/10] Ru & Eng 率直な画像

Lunars Chosen / Лунные избранники [ОS Windows: 7/8/10] Ru & Eng 写真交換

Being God is very unusual, on the one hand, divine power gives its advantages, but on the other hand, an eternal existence can be very boring. For fun, some gods love to create new worlds, while others love to fight with each other, destroying entire galaxies.

One of the savior goddesses has found a more sophisticated form of entertainment. In her observation of the planet she created, she notices a young man who has been expelled from his family home and moved in with his old friend Katie. He does not even suspect that big changes await him, which will direct his life along a path that he could not have imagined.

Installation and play:
- Unpack the archive using WinRar;
- Play.

Additional Information:
• Game version:
- Russian: 0.10.1
- English: 0.17
+ Incest Patch [67.83 Kb] (Downloads comics: 32) [863.7 Kb] (Downloads comics: 27)

System requirements:
• OS: 7/8/10;
• Processor: Pentium 4 1.2 GHz;
• RAM: 512 MB;
• Video card: from 128 MB;
• Free space: 4 GB.

Rus Verion - 837.8 MB - 2.1 GB
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